ExaDigm NX1200



True Cost Savings The ExaDigm NX1200 countertop payment solution offers secure and reliable transactions, easy software upgrades, and simple configuration to adapt to all business environments resulting in a low cost of ownership.

  • SECURE Supports latest industry standards
  • FUTURE-PROOF EMV & NFC support
  • EXPANDABLE Ethernet and Dial with optional WiFi

Features & Benefits

  • Security – Built-in security transaction engine for the highest level of secure payment processing.
  • NFC Support – Improves customer experience by offering supportfor mobile wallet applications. Certified for both PayPass and PayWave.
  • EMV Support – ExaDigm has embraced future-proof strategies,such as EMV, to give you confidence and trust with every transaction.
  • Performance – ExaDigm’s multi-application platform allows for easy integration with other value-added applications, all in one device.
  • Design – A low-cost terminal featuring a large sized paper roll.

Terminal Access Portal (TAP)

ExaDigm’s Terminal Access Portal (TAP) provides the fastest, most secure and truly cost-effective remote device management tool for a wide range of users.  Featuring a user-friendly interface, TAP can be accessed anytime, anywhere, ensuring real-time device management.