ID Tech BTPay200



The ID TECH BTPay 200 is a secure payment terminal with an integrated MagStripe reader, smart card reader, and PIN pad that connects to mobile devices and PCs via Bluetooth. The BTPay 200 is a PCI 3.x certified and EMV Level 2 certified payment terminal that provides safe and secure transactions.

The ID TECH BTPay 200 is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices, and can also connect to PCs via USB. The SDK allows developers to easily create mobile apps to communicate with the terminal. With compatible apps, the BTPay 200 provides merchants the flexibility to accept both MagStripe and Chip & PIN payments anywhere at any time.

The ID TECH BTPay 200 allows merchants to provide their customers with the convenience of a mobile method of payment. With the capability to read MagStripe cards and smart cards, merchants can take a variety of payment methods and save money by avoiding costly card-not-present fees. With the ID TECH BTPay 200, merchants can accept card payments wherever they go.


  • MagStripe and Chip Card reading & PIN entry for mobile devices
  • EMV Level 2 Certified
  • PCI-PTS 3.x Certified with SRED function supported
  • DES and TDES encryption algorithms for PIN encryption
  • AES, DES, and TDES encryption algorithms for MagStripe data encryption
  • DUKPT Key Management
  • Supports encrypted manual card data entry
  • 4 Lines X20 characters backlit LCD