Walker C2X – Audio Jack Version



There are two Walker device options: Bluetooth/Micro USB technology or Audio Jack/Micro USB technology. For convenience, a removable sticky pad is available to firmly adhere the Bluetooth version to a paired device.

Walker C2X’s embedded card reader expands a merchant’s ability to process card-present transactions anytime, anywhere via swipe, dip or tap. The device is also well suited for enterprise applications, whether part of a fixed tablet POS, or when integrated with mobile line-busting and tableside payment applications.

Firmware updates and key injection are supported via remote OTA (Over-the-Air) transmission, ensuring the device stays current. Walker C2X can be integrated with POS and payment apps using intuitive APIs and SDK developer tools or can be part of an end-to-end custom mobile payment solution.

Features & Benefits

  • ISO 7816 compliant class A, B, C card
  • Triple track magnetic stripe card reader
  • Flexible connectivity via audio jack or USB
  • Works on phones and tablets running Android, IOS, and Windows 8