Walker 1.0



The certified and affordable Walker™ 1.0 supports mag-stripe and EMV chip and signature, ensuring U.S. businesses are protected from the counterfeit fraud liability shift that occurs in October 2015. It is the ideal solution for developers interested in integrating certified payment functionality into tablet and smartphone mPOS solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Certified EMV Level 1 & 2 to read EMV chip & signature and mag-stripe cards.
  • Encrypts data as soon as a card is swiped or dipped utilizing TDES (triple DES) or AES encryption, and supports DUKPT.
  • Flexible connectivity via audio jack or USB makes the Walker 1.0 very easily adaptable with both legacy hardware and newer mobile devices.
  • The built-in battery means that power is not drawn from the mobile device. The battery will last up to 40K swipes, or 3 years on standby, ensuring reliability and uptime in the field.
  • Works on phones and tablets running Android, IOS, and Windows 8.